DIY Antler Candle Holder with Dremel


Also in December I started working on a cool DIY project in collaboration with Dremel. This time I made another very personal project and again a project of a holiday find 🙂 Namely a DIY antler candle holder with Dremel.

How cool is it to turn a holiday find into a unique interior accessory! I love that, but of course you already know that. I found these antlers a long time ago at a market while on holiday and of course I love deer and reindeer so couldn’t resist. For years it just sat somewhere in the house for decoration. But I thought why can’t it also immediately have a function and therefore become twice as beautiful.

I now know that you can make or adjust just about anything with the Dremel Multitool and so this idea finally got a plan of action. I also used the Dremel®multitool 4250 for this project and also used it for multiple applications on this project. I sharpened, drilled and sanded with it.

First I started by cutting the candle holders to size. I bought these a few years ago and are actually to put in a Christmas piece. They were already beautiful but a little too big and flat for my antlers. And so I adjusted them with the grinding wheel 🙂 Tip, mark carefully what you want to grind away because if that goes wrong, your project will immediately be ruined. Then carefully grind away all unwanted parts, do this very carefully and take your time.

After you have cut the candle holders to size, you can sand them neatly with the sanding attachment. Watch out for burrs. Then you can carefully bend them in the right direction. I think they fit so much better with the antlers and they are also a bit more modern in my opinion. If necessary, you can now also spray the candle holders in the desired color with spray paint.

When that job is done, we move on to preparing the antlers. Drill holes in the antlers with a Dremel drill in the places where you want to place the candle holders. Because antlers are of course not straight or level, the candle holders are not immediately straight. To solve this, I used a wooden dowel (you probably still have that left over from a DIY kit) in which I first drilled a hole. Then I made three pieces with different endings. One with a very oblique angle, the other a little less oblique… so that they fit exactly between the card holder and the antlers and straighten the candle holder.

When all the parts are ready, all you have to do is fix them in the right place. Make the pins of the candle holders to size by grinding them to the correct length. Slide the wooden dowel piece onto the pin and use the Dremel Glue Gun to glue the candle holders to the antlers. You are ready! Now those beautiful candles can go in 🙂 Of course you can make this project in many versions and make it as personal as possible. Will you also be working on this DIY antler candlestick with Dremel with this project? Be sure to share your result with me, because I really like to see that!

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